The Wanstead Barber Shop is a unique experience just for kids, combining high-quality haircuts, the latest styles, great fun and with our famous tractor chair, children’s books, treats, a gumball machine and much more children will find it hard not to have fun and with our pleasant surroundings for parents to relax while there children are getting that sharp haircut.
But don’t take our word for it, pop in and give us a try see for yourself!
Our colourful, fun-filled Barber shop is bright, modern, meticulously clean and totally geared to giving kids - and their parents - a great time.
And our warm and friendly hair-stylists will entertain and amuse younger kids, so that getting the perfect haircut is a treat rather than an ordeal.
Just walk in, we don’t take appointments and wait your turn and experience the fun, quality and peace-of-mind that makes us so unique at The Wanstead Barber Shop. Getting your kid’s haircut shouldn’t make you want to pull out your own hair! We’re the place where kids of all ages can just be kids and to make life even more easier we don't take appointments "just walk in and wait your turn" and although we are a mens grooming salon we also cut young girls hair.
Try our latest haircuts for young girls and short haircuts such as a simple bob, or a layered haircut.
There are some things that a parent should really think about with regard to the hairstyles they choose for their children. Parents are responsible for hair decisions while the child is a minor, but it is important to his or her self esteem to be allowed to have some input into his or hair hairstyle.
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