Itís always good to know what you think about the businesses in your local High Street. Here at The Wanstead Barber Shop, we are always keen to know what you think about our hair cuts and your feedback can help us to continue improving all our services. Why not send a message and tell us your own thoughts? You can contact us via email or visit us on Facebook or Twitter. Below is a selection from all the feedback we have received to date.
"You cannot go wrong with this barbershop, its stylish, comfortable and the haircuts are great. A great addition to Wanstead High Steet and I also Love the vintage look."
Steve Blythe, Client
"I have been visiting The Wanstead Barber Shop since relocating to the area in 2006. The service has always been great and I have always been very satisfied. Since Emma began cutting my hair, the results have been Fantabulous! As new owners of the business, both Emma and her husband Eddie, have transformed the shop into a place perfectly suited to the local High Street village feel."
Martin S, Client
"I’ve been getting great haircuts from Emma for a few years now. Great cuts for only a tenner plus tip"
Sean Farrell, Client
"Since the owner rennovated the business, this shop is my favourite in the High Street and the best Barber I have ever used."
Sebastian Barts, Client
"I was so pleased to find a barber that took time to make sure my son had a confortable experience having his hair cut."
Alison Stewart, Client
"I usually use an electric shaver and decided to have my first wet shave here. I will definitely return for another."
Arthur Saunders, Client
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